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Meet Becca

Certified Nutrition Support Clinician 
and Licensed Dietitian

Becca Kirian MFN, RD, LD, CNSC is the owner of Centum Cento LLC. Becca received her undergraduate degree in dietetics from the University of Cincinnati. She went on to complete her Masters in Food and Nutrition from Bowling Green State University. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, and also is a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician.

Becca in her professional path is passionate about helping clients learn and build healthy lifestyles. She loves to see clients find food freedom, where they recognize how to fuel their bodies for daily life activities and beyond.

In her free time Becca enjoys running, resistance training, yoga, jiu jitsu, and hiking. She loves the beauty of Juneau, AK where she currently calls home and spring-fall can find her on the weekends exploring the serene mountains and ridgelines. She also enjoys spending time in her kitchen and regularly brews Kombucha, bakes sourdough bread, makes yogurt and cheese.

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