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A Realistic Way

to improve your fitness

Who is Becca?

Registered & Licensed Dietitian, Certified Nutrition Support Clinician

Becca in her professional path is passionate about helping clients learn and build healthy lifestyles. She loves to see clients find food freedom, where they recognize how to fuel their bodies for daily life activities and beyond.

Principles of Centum Cento


All clients receive recommendations and programming that are based on research and evidence; no fad diets and no expensive unnecessary supplements.

Each person is different and so are their nutrition and fitness needs, all programs are started from the base up for each client; no cookie cutter programs.

Each client receives care and programming that is realistic to their lifestyles, and goals are created with clients to find what works for their life.



Our Services


Lifestyle Programming

For those looking to learn to create a healthy lifestyle


Competition Programming

For those working toward a specific competition


Connect with Centum Cento

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